What is microglyph® ?

microglyph® is an innovative 2D-Code Technology with many unique properties. microglyph Codes are extremely robust, can be invisibly embedded in images and logos and can take arbitrary shapes. The picture shows an example of a user defined FreeForm microglyph®. It’s ring-like shape exactely adapts to the geometry of the surface.


One of it’s patented basic principles uses tiny, 45° diagonal lines - the ”glyphs” - for coding binary data.


microglyph enables innovative solutions for applications with demanding requirements. The technology focuses industrial applications in three areas:



Direct and robust marking of parts and products for track & trace and authentication purposes.


Packaging & Labels

Integration of microglyph codes in designs of packages, images or logos - unobtrusive and almost invisible for the consumer.


Product- und Brandprotection by means of hidden, encrypted microglyph codes.

FreeForm microglyph® on the backside of an automotive incandescent lamp. The user defined, ring-like shape of the code leaves 4 niches.


The image has been captured and decoded by the microglyph MG-Controller software, connected to an industrial digital camera.


The software visualizes a successful decode with a red line around the code. This particular microglyph code contains 40 bytes of user data, displayed in the small window..